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The Other Side of Silence
Places to Go Unconscious Mutterings February 2008
Wed, Feb. 15th, 2006 06:51 pm

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Thu, Jan. 5th, 2006 09:16 pm


I took the LSAT, and got a 171 out of 180. That's missing 7 out of 101, which pleased me to no end, even if the scale was the hardest it's ever been -- on most other tests that would have been a 173 at least. Now, I have to decide if I'm actually going to go through with the law school idea. I'll need to decide in the next few months so I can apply next year.

Christmas was good. Still haven't had my family Christmas, but that's because my parents were in Georgia visiting my grandmother. I didn't go. But I went with Randy to his dad's and then to his mom's, and I was spoiled greatly by lovely gifts. They're so very nice.

Dog is good. Cat is good.

I need to freakin' lose weight, and it's driving me crazy. So.. that's my resolution. Lose weight. No hard number, but anything is better than nothing, so I'm going to operate on that principle.

I own too much perfume. Well, maybe not. But a lot. Need more. I'm an addict. Always want more happy smellies.

I'm going to start job-hunting, too, because I just can't stand any more of my job. It's not bad, but I'm so bored. You know it's bad when one of your coworkers is campaigning to get you promoted more than you are yourself.

I can no longer get to journal sites from work, which is why people don't hear from me much anymore; I used to always read and write at work, and now that they're blocked... I have to actually remember to look while I'm at home. Bah. So annoying.

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Thu, Sep. 22nd, 2005 07:46 am

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Thu, Sep. 22nd, 2005 05:19 am

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“Wow. So I'm sitting here on 2920, which is this little kinda country road that runs north of Houston and runs out towards the west, and I am stopped dead. I've been on the road since about 4am, I stopped at the grocery store and got myself orange juice, and it's now 5:15 in the morning. And... it was only about 35 miles, so it went really fast for a while, but now I'm sitting here pretty much stopping and putting the car in park, then driving again, and then putting the car in park, and it's just a whole lot of fun. And... there's trees in the way now, but before I could see 290, which is the road I need to be on for about 30 miles so I could get out a little further, and I could see it was just rows of headlights. It's just really, really amazing. I've heard the average speed is about 4 miles per hour getting out of town here, um, someone on comments on a journal entry I made on the, on one of the Houston communities, saying that it took her seven hours to get to La Grange on I-10. Well, I'm not on I-10, but I am going to La Grange. So this is going to be a whole lot of fun. I've got the dog in the car with me and he's looking at me like he wants in my lap, and the cat has fortunately shut up and is not whining anymore. Which makes me very, very happy because I didn't want to listen to wailing all the way, which of course she does to me every time I go, but... It looks like, um, it's going to be a long haul. And I forgot... er, of course what I did do is forgot to take my windchimes down, that's going to be great, I'm going to have to call my, um, I can't talk today! I'm going to have to call my apartment complex and see if I can get (something) take them down, either that or I'm going to have ask Randy if he's willing to drive over from Kingwood and take them down, because with this hurricane looking like it's coming into Galveston now, I really don't want my (something) windchimes becoming missles. I guess that's it. Night all.”

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Wed, Sep. 21st, 2005 07:25 pm

With Rita bearing down on us as a big cat 5, I'm evacuating out.

I've always said that I would leave once a storm got above a Cat 3. Well, here we've got it. Where I live would probably be all right, but why sit through the misery? We didn't flood during Allison, so that's good, but the parking lot did, and I like my car. As well, this thing is just fucking huge. It's rather creepy, really.

So much is sold out. No water. Gas is hard to find (I topped off at a shop-n-rob that had no line, but only premium gas left.) No toilet paper. Canned goods are clearing out. Of course, generators and plywood is gone. It's really bizarre.

So I'm heading to my parents house early tomorrow morning, with the dog and cat. The cat is going to hate me, as I believe that we'll have 8 dogs there.

Want to see the fun we have? Take a look at our traffic hell. Red is bad. I'm planning on utilizing my road atlas and taking the back roads to my parents in La Grange. I'm not sure how much better than will be, but it will make my mom happy, and the house is over a hundred years old and has withstood storms before, so.... Plus, we can all run north if need be. Assuming the Colorado River doesn't trap us. :P

For another creep-out, take a look at the satellite picture. Both Randy and I swore upon seeing it.

But I admit, I find hurricanes to be enormously beautiful.

Even if they're scary as hell.

And I'm off to pack up.

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