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The Other Side of Silence
Places to Go Unconscious Mutterings February 2008
Fri, Feb. 8th, 2008 06:13 pm
I know, I'm not really posting much (at all) these days. I keep intending to.

And really, this is just a brief gripe. I gripe well. I'm skilled at that. Most of us are, right?

But anyway, I sincerely hate job hunting. I was laid off last week, after seven and a half years with my company. Great. I got a nice severance package, and a promise of good references, and my resume looks good since it shows increasing responsibility.

But I'm a bit overwhelmed by job-hunting again. I haven't job-hunted since before I GOT this job. And my job was such a strange hybrid, I'm not sure precisely what to look for. I have some ideas, but I was laid off before I got to get the audit training my boss and I were planning for me. That would have helped a lot, because then I would have taken the exam to get certified and would have felt more confident. But I don't have the money to drop 500 bucks on a certification exam and not have it reimbursed.  I suppose it could conceivably be written off on taxes, but it's a big chunk of my severance right now! I am hitting a bit of the 'Crap I need to find a job FAST!' phase, even though I still have 9 weeks of pay hanging about. I'd rather have a job and stick that money into savings.

Still I have a few leads, and a couple of recruiters I am working with. Of course, the most promising one is put off for two weeks since the hiring manager is out of town, so I'll just keep hunting in the meantime. 

But still. Ick.

I am, at least, taking it as a chance to do paid job hunting, and I needed a new job anyway. I was vastly underpaid -- the range I'm looking at now is at least a 25% raise from the old salary. And we'll get to move, since I'm now looking for more centrally located jobs, and Randy works 40 miles from where we currently live. If we could get somewhere where his drive is a lot shorter and mine is reasonable (or accessible via public transport) it would be so much better. So that will probably happen in June.

And otherwise? Things aren't so bad. Christmas was good. We made lovely albums for our families of wedding photos, and they all loved them. Now we need to actually make OUR album, so we have one too!


Wed, Oct. 3rd, 2007 09:00 pm

I'm posting these mostly because they explain why almost every single picture of the ceremony is us laughing.

Our officiant was a friend of Randy's and he did such an amazing, fun job. We had a blast. And he was absolutely hilarious. We didn't expect to laugh that much. And he wrote this fabulous ceremony based on just what he knew of us and a few questions we had to answer for him privately.

It was bad enough that our photographer told us she had a hard time getting shots (coulda fooled me!) because she was afraid she'd laugh and shake the camera.

Ceremony text beyond, very long!Collapse )


Wed, Oct. 3rd, 2007 08:50 pm

So I figure I should post something since it's been, oh, over a year since I have.

I've been busy, and unable to really read at work anymore, which is where I did most of my reading. And thus I have fallen behind. Sad, truly.

But a lot has happened.

In a nutshell:

We got married.
We went to San Antonio for a short break.
We've dealt with Randy's depression.
We went to Alaska and had an absolutely fantastic time.
We're settling into stuff now, although work is making me insane right now.

Oh yes, and I have lots and lots of wedding pictures.Collapse )


Sat, Sep. 16th, 2006 08:01 pm

Something I learned today:

When trying on wedding gowns, trying on the expensive couture gown that's about twice your budget can be a bad idea. Especially when you love it, and then have to decide if you can rearrange the budget to afford it.... (This is especially true when no online retailers carry them, either.)

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Sun, Mar. 19th, 2006 07:52 pm

Whee. I have my own office at work. Finally! After five and a half years. I went up today to make sure I had all my stuff, but I wasn't very productive with unpacking. Mostly I shuffled things around. I think this is because the office is going to make me insane. The walls are crooked.

Yes. They are crooked, becauwsee of how it's built. And my back has to be to the door when working on my computer, with the current desk setup. If I turn it around, the office will look even smaller. I wonder if I can take it apart or find a credenza... As it is, I pulled out the desk from the wall a bit to make something of a semblance of straightness.

I will miss my windows, as well. Maybe I can steal a fish tank from somebody, or get my own....

And in wedding-planning news, we've found two locations we really like. Of course, we really love the more expensive one. But the somewhat less expensive one is still really nice. I'm going to have to call and quiz them a bit more tomorrow morning, and if our favorite answers my questions happily (and is still available, since they were already booked for the evening) then I'll be slapping down a huge deposit.

My main gripe right now is I really did want to do a mid-afternoon wedding, because I had this vision of doing a tea: finger sandwiches, appetizers, tea and coffee, scones, etc. Unfortunately, we're going to have to have a lunch instead. And we're eyeing both the brunches and real lunches, and trying to decide the best way. Maybe I can alter some of the menus to be more finger-foody. There's an afternoon hors d'oeuvres reception at the place, too, but it really depends on what we decide to do. I feel compelled to offer a full meal if we're making somebody come to a wedding at lunch time. So... maybe we can do enough finger foods to make a meal. I still want fancy finger sandwiches, though, dammit. Wonder if they'd alter the brunch for me... omelets and waffles, pastries, a roast and finger sandwiches? Yum!

Next order of stress is picking bridesmaids. Randy wants attendants. I'd be happy with none. I have no idea who to ask. At all.

Anybody want to be a bridesmaid? (And yes, this is a halfway serious question.)

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